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Integrity is one of our core values

At Toi Toi Medical you can be assured of the utmost privacy

Appointments with your GP are confidential. Doctors and nurses have very strict rules on confidentiality so that everything you tell us is kept completely private. Your private information is always securely stored in our secure database, Medtech Evolution. Your medical records and notes are confidential. Certain agencies may request relevant notes but always with your consent (see below). If you have any questions about the privacy of your information please contact our practice manager, our nurse or doctor.

Cornerstone accreditation

We are a Cornerstone Foundation accredited provider. Foundation Standard represents a collection of legislative, regulatory and clinical requirements for general practice in New Zealand. It represents a nationally consistent benchmark by which a practice can measure its current quality of care and progress toward health equity outcomes. Our privacy and data security policies are vital parts of the accreditation process.

Is what I tell you private?

Yes, your privacy and confidentiality is absolutely assured. Your medical history and notes are completely secure and can only be accessed with your explicit permission. Some of your health information we, along with all GP doctors and all other doctors, are required by law to share – please read our Health information Privacy Statement for more information.

Can you tell me what happened in my teenager's visit?

If a young person comes to see us, we cannot disclose any information from their visit without their consent. Sometimes a parent will come with their teenager to a consult but may choose to leave (or will be asked to leave) part way through the consultation. Anything from that part of the consultation is confidential. Teenagers can have their own login to ManageMyHealth if they are over 16 years of age. We cannot show you their medical notes as these are also confidential.

We find the best way to engage your teenager in health conversations is to be open and non-judgemental. Start by listening to them and validating their feelings. Offer chances to continue and further conversations and support them in their choices. Our GP doctors are experts in helping care for teenagers – find out more on our Teen health page.

Who do you share my medical details with?

Please read our Health information Privacy Statement to see who your health information is shared with. In most cases, your name is not included, your data is made anonymous, and your data cannot be used or published in any way that can identify you. Sometimes your National Health Index Identifier (NHI) is used by health agencies such as the District Health Board, Ministry of Health or PHO, but again it is not used or published in a way that can identify you. For example, health data relevant to a program in which you are enrolled (e.g. Breast Screening, Immunisation, Diabetes) may be sent to the PHO or the external health agency managing this program. Or your data may be used for health service planning and reporting, monitoring service quality, audits, or research.

Can I see my own notes and have them changed?

Yes, you have the right to access (and have corrected) your health information under the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. If you feel that the doctor has made a mistake, please speak with us to check what has been recorded in your notes. Find out more on our Medical notes and Test Results page. Careful documentation and record-keeping is a vital part of our providing top quality care to you.

Child protection policy

We have a policy to report any concerns that we have in relation to child safety to relevant agencies.  Read more about our Child Protection policy.

Who do you NOT share my private medical details with?

We do NOT share your personal information with Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies, ACC, WINZ and anyone outside of Toi Toi Medical, including our family and friends. The only exceptions to this are when you give us consent and permission to share your information with people who you want us to contact. We will also share information with the relevant health providers or appropriate agencies if we think there is a risk to your safety or the safety of the public.

What if I would like to be involved in clinical trial research?

Sometimes opportunities arise to take part in Clinical Trials to research a new drug or treatment. These new treatments can provide you with solutions for difficult health problems, comprehensive health education and thorough checkups in addition to your GP care. You volunteer for Clinical Trials and are paid each visit for your time and effort. Sometimes you may be contacted by one of our staff if we think you might be suitable participant in a Clinical trial. We will talk to you about the trial and see if you would like to find out more. If you give consent, we will arrange for you to be contacted by the Clinical Trial group, Southern Clinical Trials Tasman.

What if I see another doctor?

If you visit another GP who is not your regular doctor at Toi Toi Medical, you will be asked for permission to share information from the visit with us as your regular doctor. If you are under six years old or have a High User Health Card, or a Community Services Card, and you visit another GP who is not your regular doctor, they can make a claim for a subsidy, and Toi Toi Medical will be informed of the date of that visit. The name of the practice I visited and the reason(s) for the visit will not be disclosed unless I give my consent.

​Is my online health information secure?

On this website we have used HIPAA certified security for your new patient registration form. We use Manage my Health as​ our patient portal, and Medtech Evolution as our practice management system. Read more about the security of Manage my health here. We will never ask you for your password.

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