Maori hauora

Achieving health equity for Māori

He mana hauora taurite mō ngāi Māori

We are committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and value the importance of matauranga maori approach to health for Maori patients. We fight for equity in the health system.

We advocate for people in need and groups of people we see that need extra care. Maori patients have historically faced significant unfairness in their ability to access health services.

Today, Maori are over-represented in many health outcomes and may still face inequity in the health system. At Toi Toi Medical we give our Maori patients special care and attention.

Maori hauora toi toi medical centre stoke nelson

Build trusting relationships - whanaungatanga

When patients are engaged in decisions about their own health care, they are more satisfied with their care overall. Doctors who are aware of their patient’s background and understanding of the primary care health system can better communicate with their patients, thereby leading to better health outcomes and greater satisfaction. We are Pakeha, but we recognise and value Maori as Tangata Whenua, having come from a different background to us. We want to learn about our Maori patients stories and whakapapa, so we can korero effectively. 

Improved health for Maori

Each time you see us we have together an opportunity to educate and engage you with your health care and address wider issues. We can break up the health issue into manageable pieces, agree on achievable treatment goals, activity goals and lifestyle changes.

Come back to see us

We are committed to providing full information and ensuring patients full understanding even if more time is required to achieve this – please let us know if you need language support. We can help arrange transport to and from the medical clinic or undertake home visits. You are welcome to bring whanau for support to your visit. Let us know if you need help if money is a problem. 

Our partners

We work with Whakatu marae, Victory Community Centre, Oranga tamariki and other Maori health providers. Let us know if you would like to connect us with someone you know and trust in the community, or if you need help finding health care. Over time we plan to become a GP practice that can teach and train the next generation – we want Maori to be these GP doctors and nurses.

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