Our Values

Our core purpose is to care and advocate for your wellbeing

Nelson GP Doctors who are here for you

We take time to listen to you and reflect this back in our shared treatment plan. Through seeing the same GP and nurse team each visit, we can build a relationship and share a health journey with you, your parents and children, friends, whanau, and community.  

Our mission is to provide compassionate, equitable and accepting person centred care in partnership with our patients throughout their life journey. Everything we do is built on our values of kindness, empathy, fun, family and integrity.


We help others to find their strength.

Our name Toi Toi means to inspire, encourage and motivate. We are here to help and support you for the long term. Sometimes health issues can seem overwhelming - at every step along the way, we are here to support you.


We listen with a compassionate ear and understanding heart.

Our job is to listen to you and to identify how best to serve you. We know from experience the many challenges people face dealing with the health system. With a caring, positive, compassionate approach we can help to support you.


Laughter is the best medicine.

Dealing with difficult health issues can be very stressful. To help, we want to make you feel relaxed and enjoy coming to see us. Having fun, enjoying being together, and welcoming you back are important to us. We want to work with you over your life journey - this means for decades to come. Enjoying our work and having fun is an important way to look after our own mental health, so we can do better for you.


Whanau needs and aspirations are at the centre of our services.

If you and your family need help with any aspect of life, we are here for you. Your family doctor provides a lifelong connection, someone who knows you and your situation.
Whatever you aspire to personally or for your family, let us know and we will help. Thank you for trusting us with your care. We recognize and value the diversity of families and whanau, from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities.
We can support the needs of family through the use of interpreters, support people, social services, counselling and more.


We are focused on the greater good of the people we serve.

When your health is at stake, you are not alone. We work daily with a community of patients, and a community of health providers, to advocate for you and your situation.
This means going the extra distance for you individually, which also helps others facing a similar situation. We are committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and value the importance of matauranga maori approach to health for tangata whenua. Find out more about our work with Maori patients.
We fight for equity in the health system. We advocate for people in need and groups of people we see that need extra care. We are a true community service, working from the ground up. ​Your trust in us is vital to our integrity.
For this reason, your privacy and the security of your health information is always protected.

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