Receiving the medicine you need, on time, is important to us. We provide both urgent and repeat prescription services

Repeat prescriptions

Knowing when your medication is going to run out is important. Making a repeat prescription is an easy way to keep a steady supply. You can request a prescription online through your ManageMyHealth account or call us on 03 548 3109.

To protect your health, repeat prescriptions are only given with the approval of a Doctor. We will contact you if an appointment is necessary. ​Consultation is required if:

  • You are a new patient.
  • You have not seen your GP for some time.
  • Your medication was changed recently.
  • The medication needs particular care – such as antibiotics.
  • Any health issues require attention. 

Prescriptions will be ready to collect the following working day after 2pm. We can contact the pharmacy directly, but this incurs an extra fee. Visit our fees page for the cost of our prescription service.

Urgent prescriptions in Stoke and Nelson

Firstly, please make sure you know when your medication supply needs to be renewed. Secondly, please consider how urgent your need is. If you can book an appointment or complete a repeat prescription form online, you will save stress and cost and still receive your medication in good time. If you do urgently need a prescription, please call us on 03 548 3109.

When you call for an urgent prescription, you will speak to one of our nurses to find out what you need. To protect your health, we may not be able to issue you an urgent prescription without you coming in for an appointment. We also reserve the right to deny requests for urgent prescriptions based on our professional judgement. Please be assured that we are acting in your best interests. 

Your request will take ?????????????. Visit our fees page for the cost of our prescription service.

One of our values is integrity – we must act in your best interests and for the greater good. The doctor must carefully check that the drugs you are taking are appropriate and safe, to protect your health. Sometimes it is perfectly safe for your urgent request to be delayed until the next day.

General questions about prescriptions

For a list of all pharmacies in the Nelson regions visit the PHO site here. In Nelson we recommend Victory Square Pharmacy, on the corner of Toi Toi Street and St Vincent Street. Open 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, call (03) 548 9990. In Stoke, we recommend Unichem Hurst and Taylor Pharmacy, Phone: 03 547 9689. 512 Main Road Stoke, open 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.

If you require medicine, the GP will print a prescription for you. You take this “script” to the pharmacy of your choice and receive your medicine after a short wait. Most pharmacies have a $5 fee for each prescription.

GP doctors follow an evidence based decision-making process. This means that based on your symptoms and medical history, the doctor will select a medication which all current evidence indicates will be the best for you. GP doctors deal with many issues to do with your medication, such as drug interactions, change in condition, or checking your medication is still appropriate.

New medical therapies and treatments are developed through a process called Clinical Trial Research. This makes sure the medicine is safe and effective. You can participate in clinical trials locally, through Southern Clinical Trials Tasman.

The new development of medicinal cannabis medication is a good example of GP doctors using evidence-based decision making in their clinical practice. Even if a doctor may not currently prescribe cannabis-based medication, they may in future if it is backed by good evidence. For current information on the regulations for prescribing please visit the website.

There are many positive health outcomes gained from lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, positive mental health development, relaxation techniques, physiotherapy, counselling and more. Your doctor may discuss these options with you, and we value your suggestions for options. Please visit our services page for more.

Provided your medical condition is stable, the GP or nurse may give you a Green Prescription (GRx). You will be referred to a GRx Support Person and work with this health professional. They will listen to your needs, set goals, motivate you, provide activities and resources, encourage and help you over a period of 3-6 months. Your progress on the path to a healthier lifestyle is reported back to us. If you feel that you would benefit from ongoing support, you are encouraged to ask us for another GRx. We think Green prescriptions are a great idea – please ask for one!

At times people face difficult health or personal conditions which can lead to a dependence on prescription medication. In a usual doctor-patient relationship, there is mutual respect between the patient and the doctor. Drug dependence can lead to a stronger relationship with the prescription than with the doctor.  Our GP doctor and nurse team can help if you are faced with the health challenge of drug dependence. We have a policy that applies to patients we identify as drug seekers. 

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