What happens in my appointment?

Your appointment will last for 15 minutes. Your doctor can usually deal with one or two problems in the 15 minutes. If you have a longer list of health needs, your doctor will ask you to say which are the most important to you. Then you may need to book a second visit.

Please book a double appointment (30 minutes) if you need more time, for more complicated or multiple health concerns. You can book a double appointment by phone. The double appointment will cost more but could save a return visit.

Please book 2-3 days ahead for your appointment if possible.

If you unwell, please ring Toi Toi Medical and ask to speak to our nurse. We keep a small number of same day appointments aside for patients who become unwell on the day.

For urgent care, our nurse will speak with you and find out more about how urgent your needs are. This process is called “triage”.

Some urgent issues can be prevented by planning ahead – for example, if you know that your medications are going to run out, please book a repeat prescription online or on the phone.

If you have a sick child please phone and speak to the nurse, even if we have no appointments available we will always see sick children.

Please arrive 5 minutes early to your appointment, check in with the receptionist and collect your arrival slip, this then alerts the doctor that you have arrived.

Please call us immediately if you must cancel or change your appointment. Failure to cancel an appointment may result in you having to pay the full cost of the visit, even if you did not attend.

Please ask if you would like a chaperone (a second staff member present) for your appointment.

Yes, please discuss your teenager’s health needs with them, and explain that you would like to come with them to see the doctor. Sometimes the doctor sees both parent and teenager, then asks the parent to pop outside so they can talk one-on-one with the teen.

We find that almost all teenagers are comfortable to talk with us about their health issues and are very open with us in the privacy of a consult.

Find out more about the privacy of your health information.

Yes, please bring a support person such as whanau or friend to your appointment.

Our doctors and nurses do their best to run on time but sometimes emergencies happen, and this may delay your appointment. Please try to be patient with us.

Please do not book for family/friends who are not yet enrolled – contact us and we will help them to enrol as a patient.

You can book for your child (under 16 years). If you have someone dependent on you who can not make an appointment themselves, please let us know.

Yes, your privacy on confidentiality is absolutely assured. Your medical history and notes are completely secure and can only be accessed with your explicit permission.

The only case we might share information is when ????????????????????

Please check in at reception to let us know you have arrived. The doctor or nurse will come and ask for you by your first name, in the waiting room. During the consult, your GP or nurse will ask what the things are they can help with today. In a 15-minute consult, we can deal with 1-2 issues, and we may ask you to return for a second appointment.

Your doctor will listen to you and ask questions, undertake an examination if needed, and make notes either during or after the consult. You may receive a prescription, advice on treatments, information, referral or testing. 

You will be treated with respect and courtesy, your privacy always respected, and your consent requested for any examination. You are welcome to bring a support person or to ask for a chaperone. 

We would like you to feel that valued and listened to.

After your appointment your GP or nurse will call you back with any test results which they find unusual or require further investigation. Find out more about your test results and medical record.


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