Treatment and prevention of illness

We provide evidence-based, best practice treatment based on expert guidelines

We are an RNZCGP accredited practice and treat according to the highest standards of care set by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

We take part in education and professional development programs as part of our accreditation program and to further our own areas of interest.

This means that when we work with you, we have many years of experience and training combined with the latest updates in the field.

When we treat illness, we must follow evidence-based decision making, based on best clinical practice. Combined with effective treatment is the need to prevent illness.

Our services include

We will work alongside you to help prevent illness

Healthy lifestyles combined with regular checkups can prevent illness. We can help you prevent illness and stay well. Through continued care over time, we will build a relationship with you to help you improve your health awareness.

Education and information help us share ideas, to work toward or maintain good health. We value family and fun – your family and friends can support your health. We want to make any life changes needed fun and so more likely to succeed.

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