Diagnosis and testing

Experts in diagnosis through experience and training

Our GP doctors in Stoke and Nelson have over 10 years of training and 10 years of experience each. We can recognise, advise, treat, or refer people with any medical or emotional condition.

We are trained to listen and observe, helping to pick up symptoms that you may have missed and to detect symptoms that may explain an unknown situation. 

We will listen to you, ask questions, take your history, and undertake a range of tests. We will work with you holistically (taking into consideration your whole body and your environment), helping us to diagnose especially at an early stage of a condition.

We know when and where to refer you if you require further investigations or treatment, and where to find further information. We provide a continuous service throughout your life so will be able to advise on your needs at any age.

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We will listen to you

We will listen to you so you can tell us your full story. We will take you seriously and we care. 

When you present you us with an unknown condition, we will gather evidence through signs and symptoms, taking a history, examination, and through clear communication with you.

We then must judge the evidence and information correctly and minimise any delay in further investigation and onward management.

We are thorough, but we cannot request every test possible as this ties up resources or can confuse the diagnosis.

We will not promise you certainly if we are not sure yet. We will follow up with you to ensure that we reach a solution.

Laboratory testing and my medical record

We use the latest evidence and advanced technology to provide you with the tests you need. We communicate the result to you promptly and explain what it means.

You can see your test results and medical record online

You can use ManageMyHealth to see your test results and medical records. Find out more about how to access this information here. What are lab tests for?

What are lab tests for?

We use lab tests to help measure your general state of health; to check if you have an infection; to see how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are working; and to screen for certain genetic conditions. The most common laboratory test is a blood test. Other lab tests include urine, tissue, microbiology, or cell samples. 

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