How to enrol with us as a new patient

Join online or in person – it is free to enrol

Joining us is easy – complete our secure online form here. When you complete the online form, you will be asked to take a photo or scan images from TWO of the following (one must be a photo ID):

  • Passport (with visa/permit if non-NZ passport)
  • Birth Certificate (or NZ citizenship/residency/visa certificate)
  • NZ Driver’s license
  • Credit Card, invoice or statement with your name & address
  • CSC (Community Services Card)

The online form is HIPAA compliant, meaning the form automatically encrypts data, guaranteeing the privacy of your private information under the NZ Health Information Privacy Code 2020. 

If you would like to join in person, please fill in our online application enrolment form or pop in and see us.

You will need to bring two of the identification documents listed above.

Free nurse consultation on your first visit

For your first visit you will be invited to make a new patient consult which consists of a free 15 min nurse appointment and a standard 15 min doctor consultation.

Please check our fees page for more information.

Yes – we welcome families and whanau joining together. Please complete a separate enrolment form for each child (under 16 years old) if you have more than one joining at once. If your child is over 16, they could complete the form on their own, or you can complete it with their consent. Our application form has choices for families that are separated. If there is anyone who does not have legal access to your child, you can let us know on the enrolment form.

Please enrol only yourself, or your dependent children. If you are the authorized signatory for another person, you can complete the form on their behalf (as is the case for dependent children). For adults, this may occur when people have difficulty understanding or accessing the enrolment form due to age, infirmity, or disability. Please contact us if you need any assistance joining as a new patient.

When you join as a new patient, or if we update our terms and conditions, we will ask you to confirm that you understand and agree to our Terms of Trade.

Once you complete the new patient form, we request for your medical notes to be transferred to us from your previous GP practice. This can take 5 – 10 working days. We will carefully review, check and enter your notes into our computer system. We will let our team know that you have joined us, and we work together to plan and prepare for the care you need.

Yes, we recognize your choice of identity. We have experience and expertise in providing care to the LGBTQIA+ community. Please visit our LGBTQIA+ GP doctor page for more information. You can select an option of your choice when you join us, and we will check in with you when you visit.

We are required by the Ministry of Health to record data about patient ethnicity, employment and other statistics. This statistical information is used to help inform and improve health outcomes for you and for everyone in New Zealand. Your personal information is always kept secure and confidential. For example, when used in health research, your information is anonymized.

On our enrolment form we ask if you would give consent to allow access to some of your medical information by other health professionals, through HealthOne. HealthOne is a secure electronic record which is maintained and operated by Canterbury DHB (District Health Board). It allows those involved in your care to share and access your healthcare information such as test results, medications and allergies. For more information visit We do recommend that you allow this information to be shared, as it can help in your care especially in emergencies. Please read the Health Information Privacy Statement for more information.

When you join, you confirm that you intend to use our practice as your regular and on-going provider of General Practice (GP) health care services. You confirm that you are entitled to enrol because you are residing permanently in New Zealand.  (The definition of residing permanently in NZ is that you intend to be resident in New Zealand for at least 183 days in the next 12 months). If you do not attend the practice for three years, we are required by the Ministry of Health to ask you to sign a new enrolment form.

 Our new patient enrolment form provides information about the Enrolment criteria, Enrolment process terms and conditions, Health Information Privacy Statement, and Toi Toi Medical Terms of Trade.

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