Terms of trade

The following Terms of Trade apply to services provided by Toi Toi Medical to any person who receives a service from it’s doctors and nurses.

ll services are paid for on the date of service, unless prior arrangement is made with our reception staff. 

No credit is available for visitors / casual patients / new patients. • Invoices will not be mailed to patients. 

Any consultation not paid for on the day includes a $10 late payment fee. This fee is credited against the patient’s account if payment is made by the close of business the following day.

If you do not pay on the day you receive a reminder, on the day of service, by text, phone or email, that you left without paying and that the late payment fee has been added to your account. 

Where an account remains unpaid for 7 days, the account holder will receive a reminder text, phone call or email. 

Where an account remains unpaid for 14 days an additional $10 administrative fee will be added to your account and unpaid accounts may be passed on to a debt collection agency. Fees incurred in the collection of overdue accounts are payable by the patient (the debtor). 

Prices for services are inclusive of GST and may be adjusted from time to time. Current prices are clearly displayed on the practice website, in the waiting room and in our information brochure. 

Where an account holder has arranged an automatic payment, it is expected that this will cover the full cost of the services. If it does not, the account holder will be reminded by text, phone or email that they need to make additional payments. 

If the account will not be fully paid within 45 business days the account may be passed on to a debt collection agency. 

Where our credit limit or time for payment is exceeded, the patient will be notified.

Toi Toi Medical reserves the right to charge for missed appointments. 

Charges may be made for telephone consultations, forms left for completion by the doctor, or other work performed outside the consultation time.

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