See the same doctor each visit​

The ability to see the same doctor each visit is important. We can offer you continuity of care – this means you feel that you are talking to the same person or team, each time you see us.

See the same GP in Stoke and Nelson

We are pleased to be able to offer continued care in Stoke. You can see the GP of your choice in Stoke or in Nelson with the same booking system. When you join us we will ask you if you have a preference for which doctor you would like as your lead GP. You can see this same GP each visit if you choose.

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We work as a GP and Nurse team

While seeing the same GP each visit is important, all the people involved in your care are fully up to date with your medical notes and records. We all share the Toi Toi values of kindness, empathy, fun, family and integrity. Sometimes your GP may be away or not available on the day you need. In this case, you can be assured that their teammate is fully aware of your situation, so you will not have to explain things all over again.

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How our team works

Our team meets every morning in a “huddle” meeting to look ahead over the day, to prepare the best possible care for the people we are expecting. Our team is divided into different roles, to provide you and your family the most effective care.

What do doctors and nurses do?

Our amazing nurses provide you with excellent service for lower cost than a GP visit. Nurses help with urgent appointments, provide advice, give vaccinations, support people with high health needs and carry out procedures like ECG and blood taking. Our lead nurse supports the development and training of our nurse team. You can book an appointment directly with a nurse.

Our roles as GP doctor are many, including:

  • Diagnosis – we are skilled in diagnosis especially at an early stage of a condition. 
  • Referral – we know when and where to refer you if you require further investigations or treatment and will follow up on these and help with the next steps.
  • Listening – we are trained to listen and observe, so we can pick up symptoms that you may have missed, then work with you to develop a treatment plan. One of our core values is empathy – we listen with a compassionate ear and understanding heart.
  • Communicating – We take the time to make sure you understand what care is required, and how we can work together.

At Toi Toi Medical many of the staff have young families and seek to find a balance between our family life and caring for patients. We aim to live by our values of kindness, empathy, fun, family and integrity. We all work full time across our roles.

Working full time as a GP Doctor brings a significant workload. Doctors divide their week into “tenths” (half-days) and anything over 8/10 is considered full time. Another way to measure the amount of work a doctor undertakes is by “session”, which is a one-half day interval. Please remember that for every 15-minute consult there is a significant amount of paperwork, completed outside of this time. GP paperwork may include writing letters of referral, writing notes, checking prescriptions, researching conditions, requesting information, and more.

At Toi Toi medical we can offer you a choice of young, positive, and enthusiastic female GPs. Each doctor balances their ability to take on new patients with the time they have available to provide you with top-quality care. At times, a GP will “close their book” to new patients, if they feel their workload is too great. We can offer you a choice of great GP doctors who share common values and know your health background.

Yes, you can change your GP by simply joining (enrolling) at another Medical practice. If you would like to join Toi Toi Medical, we welcome you! Many people change doctor, for a range of reasons. For example, people move to a new house or their doctor retires. Medical practices are required to keep their patient base up-to-date and you must re-enroll after 3 years if you have not been seen.

All GP doctors in New Zealand are specialists, having trained for 11 years and often with post-graduate qualifications on top.

All GP doctors will be well qualified to provide you with excellent care. Questions to ask your GP might be around their areas of specialty and the number of sessions being worked.

We feel that the most important things to look for in a doctor are a caring attitude, empathy, and willingness to listen, so you can build a great relationship.

At Toi Toi Medical we hope that our values of kindness and empathy will provide the basis of a successful relationship with you and your family. We are a small practice with a personal feel, operating over two locations to give you more choice and flexibility. Our all-female team has wide range of expertise, including support in sensitive areas of women’s (and men’s) health. In addition to our GP team, we can offer you excellent nurse care and connect you with a wide range of health services. ​

At Toi Toi Medical we are aware of the barriers to healthcare, often faced by the most vulnerable members of society. We work hard to advocate for your wellbeing, whether you are homeless or well heeled. 

Equity means people have differences in health that are not only avoidable but unfair and unjust. Equity recognizes different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to get equitable health outcomes.

We go the extra distance for people in need. Our reputation is built on our care toward those with high needs, based on our values of kindness, empathy, fun, family and integrity. Toi Toi Medical will help you to navigate the health system and get the help you need.

Our team is young and look forward to 25-30 years of our future career working with you, your whanau and our community. We are not retiring anytime soon – and this is relevant because up to 47% of GP doctors plan to retire over the next 10 years, with the average age of a GP being 50 years old (RNZCGP, 2017).

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