We will refer to you the best health professional that suits your need.

Our GP doctors serve patients from Nelson, Stoke, Richmond and the wider Tasman community. No matter where you live, we can put you in contact with the right health provider if you need further care.


What is a referral?

Referral is the way we connect you with other health professionals if you need further care. Usually, we need to write a formal letter to the other health provider. The health provider then contacts you. The referral letter will explain the medical reason why you are being referred to a specialist doctor, and it will also include any relevant medical history, including allergies and medications.


Do I need a referral?

We can refer you to Medical Specialists, physiotherapist, optometrist, mental health, and more. You do not always need a referral to get help from some kinds of healthcare professionals, such as a physiotherapist. Please ask us if you unsure of what kind of referral you need. For Medical Specialist help, we must assess your needs using your documented data and medical history, to make sure we direct you to the appropriate expert.


Is my Toi Toi Medical GP still involved in my care?

Yes. After your referral, the specialist and GP work together on an ongoing basis. Your specialist will send any details and test results to us, and we will communicate regularly about your care and any treatments, medications, or procedures you require. If you have a chronic health condition, we (your GP) may be able to manage this most of the time and refer you to a specialist only if your condition worsens. 


How much does it cost to get a referral from a GP?

In most cases, the time it takes the doctor to make a referral is included in the cost of your visit. Sometimes, an extra charge will apply – see our fees page for more details. For example, an extra fee may apply if you request a non-urgent referral happens immediately. 


Once I am referred to a specialist service, how much does it cost?

Not all specialist care is funded by the government. It depends on the type of specialist you visit and your personal situation, for example the type of care you need or whether you can get publicly funded health care. We can help you to navigate the health system and support you if you need help finding information.


Should I go Public or Private?

We can refer you to the public health system, or to a private medical specialist. In the public system, after we refer you, your needs will be assessed for urgency at a hospital or other clinic. This can take time, both to have your appointment confirmed and to receive treatment, but your treatment is free. In the private system, after we refer you, you need to pay for any treatment or care received. We can help to provide you with information and options for either pathway.


Do I need health insurance?

Some people in New Zealand choose to take out private health insurance, meaning they may be covered for expensive surgery or treatments if they choose to undertake private medical treatment. Usually there is an excess that you are responsible for paying. Always contact your insurance company before contacting a medical specialist if you wish to claim your treatment against your policy. If you see a specialist for an ACC related injury, sometimes health insurers will require ACC to pay for ACC related injury treatments – please visit our ACC page for more information.


What are medical specialists?

Medical specialists are medical practitioners and must be registered with the Medical Council. They can practice in the public or private health system. There are 36 areas of medicine, or ‘scopes of practice’, within which a doctor can be registered and work as a specialist in New Zealand, ranging from Anesthesia to Vascular surgeon.



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