Pregnancy and babies

GP visits are free for women for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy


When you visit us, we may ask you about whether you intend to become pregnant. If you are interested in effective contraception, we are experts in this area. We will review aspects of your health that could have an impact on fertility and pregnancy. If you wish to conceive, we will check your history, we may examine you and undertake investigations such as blood and urine tests. 

Our discussion could include education about fertility and conception, prescription of folic acid and iodine, immunization checks (rubella, chicken pox, pertussis, influenza), checking that long-term medications are appropriate and safe, discussing nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and risks, and letting you know where and when to seek health care during pregnancy. We also provide pre-conception advice for men!


Ante-natal visit with GP

We provide you with free GP care for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, and help you find a midwife who can support you as Lead Maternity Carer. 

If you visit for your first ante-natal consultation, we will spend time with you to talk about all aspects of this life event. This could include your plans for the pregnancy, your social and family situation and support network, medical history, medications, safety, and risk factors. 

With your consent we will examine you carefully and undertake a range of investigations such as antenatal blood tests (and we will tell you what these tests are for, how you wish to receive the results and what any positive results may mean for the pregnancy). We will discuss first trimester screening for Down syndrome and other genetic conditions, vaccinations and more. 


Ongoing care during pregnancy

We are here to support you during your pregnancy at any time. You may have acute or long-term health conditions in pregnancy that require support. Your midwife (Lead Maternity Carer) may refer you, or you can book an appointment yourself and we follow up with the LMC. For example, you may wish to have your pertussis or influenza vaccination, or treatment for a urinary tract infection, or continue your GP care during pregnancy for any reason.


A new baby

It is free for babies to visit a GP

You will need to enrol your new baby with a GP – we love babies! It is a privilege to see your child grow and develop. When your baby is around 6 weeks old, you are returned to the care of your family doctor and practice nurse. Your midwife will transfer your notes to the us. At 6 weeks we would like to meet you to check how you and your new family are. We may talk about support for you, your social network and mental health, discuss breastfeeding and contraception, check on your baby and you, and arrange to vaccinate your baby. 


Breastfeeding education

We are pleased to welcome Dr Sophie Mace to our team. Dr Mace has special training and expertise in breast feeding and care for newborns.?????????????



If you are an enrolled patient, we will get in touch with you when it is time for your child to receive the immunisations listed in the NZ Ministry of Health Immunisation Schedule. For babies these vaccinations are given at age 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months and 12 months. We will advise you if you fit any criteria for a special group requiring additional vaccines. 

Vaccines are a vital part of health care for babies. We encourage you to undertake all the vaccinations in the schedule, to prevent potentially serious life-changing disease. If you have any questions or concerns around vaccines and vaccination – please talk with us.

We find that awareness and education help people to feel more comfortable about the injections required. There is much misinformation in society regarding vaccines. We are an evidence-based practice and will always support the use of appropriate medication and treatment when the evidence indicates positive health outcomes.

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