Enrol with us as a new patient

Join Toi Toi Medical now! Download our enrolment form or collect one at 10 Natalie Street. Please read our patient information brochure.

You will need to visit us in person with the enrolment form and two forms of identification:

  • New Zealand Passport OR

  • New Zealand Birth Certificate OR

  • New Zealand Drivers License

  • New Zealand Certificate of Citizenship/Residency/two year work visa

Please read our Toi Toi Medical Terms of Trade.

Once enrolled we will request for your notes to be transferred to us, upon receiving your notes you will be invited to make a new patient consult which consists of a free 15 min nurse appointment and a standard 15 min doctor consult.

Book an appointment online

Once you have enrolled with us and signed up to connectmed you can book an appointment, order prescriptions and find test results via the patient portal.

Please do not book: immunisations, minor surgery or for family/friends who are not yet enrolled online. These types of appointments take longer and we need to ensure the correct staff are here. Please call 03) 5483109 to make these appointments.

Contact us on:

Phone: 03 548 3109

Fax: 03 548 1683
Address: 10 Natalie Street, Toi Toi, Nelson 7010

Email: office@toitoimedical.nz
Reminder: If you are already enrolled as a patient, make an appointment online through our secure patient portal ConnectMed.

Our Vision

Toi Toi means to encourage, motivate and inspire. Toi Toi is also the name of the area of Nelson we are located. For Maori the toi toi plant had medicinal uses and was used in weaving.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive, respectful care in partnership with our patients through their life journey.

Our patients feel welcome and significant when they enter our practice. They are respected and trust that their culture and identity will be acknowledged and incorporated into treatment decisions.

All patients will experience continuity of care and understand that we will partner with them throughout their life journey. They feel safe, knowing their information will be treated confidentially and with respect, and that they will receive quality healthcare. Patients are able to access medical care and advice in a timely manner.

Toi Toi Medical is well connected to the community with strong links to local health providers and key community organisations. We work as a cohesive team, each contributing skills and strengths that provide our patients with a broad range of care options.

At Toi Toi Medical staff members feel valued and appreciated and work together in a culture of integrity, honour and respect. We encourage and support each other. Our life outside of the work environment is valued and opportunities exist for further education and upskilling.

We look forward to working with you and your families during your life journey.


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