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One in 20 Google searches are health related. A wide variety of health information is available, but not all is backed up by solid medical evidence. Searching online may help you to be more informed and to read about treatment options and services available. However, an online search does not allow for individual consideration of your signs and symptoms and does not form a complete picture. 

When you come to see us, we undertake a thorough history, examination and check of symptoms, helping us to form an accurate diagnosis. We look at things in perspective and in a holistic manner, rather than in isolation. Once we have worked out what might be going on, we often refer you to selected websites for further information, to learn more about the condition or disease and seek available support.

Can I have an online consultation?

We find that people really value and appreciate having physical contact and being checked out. We do offer virtual consultations by phone or video – find out more. Many online-only GP doctors exist, and often charge high fees. We encourage you to join our practice to have your care subsidized by our government, meaning cheaper virtual visits for enrolled patients.

Have you read the latest research found online?

We are an RNZCGP accredited practice and treat according to the highest standards of care set by the Medical Council of New Zealand. We take part in education and professional development programs as part of our accreditation program and to further our own areas of interest. This means that when we work with you, we have many years of experience and training combined with the latest updates in the field. When we treat illness, we must follow evidence-based decision making, based on best clinical practice.

Scientific research is an evolving and dynamic area. While many individual works of research may exist and be published, it can take time for a body of evidence to form sufficient to change medical guidelines. It is not appropriate for us to treat you based on selected research papers found online. We may undertake further reading and research, discuss with our colleagues and peers, seek second or expert opinions and further education to further our medical learning. We will also discuss with you in a consult research you may have found online. 

How to find reliable online health information

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