Cold and Flu

Influenza immunisation is FREE for people who are most at risk.

People who are most likely to get very sick, be hospitalised or even die if they catch influenza are pregnant women (any time during pregnancy); people aged 65 years or older; people aged under 65 years with diabetes, most heart or lung conditions and some other illnesses (see for more details); children aged 4 years or under who have had a stay in hospital for measles, asthma or other breathing problems. 


We can vaccinate you to protect you from Flu

Our team are expert vaccinators and have many years’ experience at administering vaccines. Having a flu shot takes minutes, although you must wait for 30 minutes afterward in case of an allergic reaction. 


When can I get the flu shot?

People who are at high risk receive priority. Health care and other essential workers can also be vaccinated early. For all other people, the flu vaccine normally becomes available in April – book an appointment with us now.


Why do I need the flu shot every year?

Each year the influenza virus changes through evolution. By chance, the genetic sequence of a virus in one part of the world becomes different to another. The new, mutant strain can spread around the world and infect people even if they have been previously vaccinated. Each year new vaccines are produced in response to the changing virus patterns globally.


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