Infections are some of the most common health complaints we see in General Practice. Infections are caused by microbes – bacteria, fungi or viruses – which infect different body parts. As well as making us feel awful, infections are dangerous because they can spread in our body, and to other people. Some people can be […]


We are experts in all areas of contraception.  Come and see us to help choose the best form of contraception for you. Contraception is an area of special expertise for our team. We can provide you with a range of options, help you with any change in contraception method, and monitor your long-term health. For […]

Cold and Flu

Influenza immunisation is FREE for people who are most at risk. People who are most likely to get very sick, be hospitalised or even die if they catch influenza are pregnant women (any time during pregnancy); people aged 65 years or older; people aged under 65 years with diabetes, most heart or lung conditions and […]

Accidents and ACC

Seek help immediately if you have an accident We can help you with many accidental injuries. We can treat sprains and strains of muscles and joints. We can remove foreign bodies like splinters or particles from eyes, ears, noses and skin. If you have bleeding, cuts, wounds or abrasions we can clean, stitch, cover and […]