Accidents and ACC

Seek help immediately if you have an accident

We can help you with many accidental injuries. We can treat sprains and strains of muscles and joints. We can remove foreign bodies like splinters or particles from eyes, ears, noses and skin. If you have bleeding, cuts, wounds or abrasions we can clean, stitch, cover and treat these injuries. If you have a suspected broken bone or fracture we will treat and arrange X-rays and follow-up. In all cases of accidental injury, we will undertake careful examination and check any other symptoms and your medical history. We will arrange referral and follow-up, or help you move directly to secondary care if your injury is serious.


We can help you to recover from injury in partnership with ACC

ACC can help pay for a range of medical, health and treatment costs if your injury is covered. You may have to pay for part of your treatment costs.


Making an ACC claim

As a registered ACC provider, we can lodge claims on your behalf we think you have an injury that ACC can cover. We need to lodge the right type of claim and follow the right process. As the patient, you must sign the ACC form to give us consent to contact ACC. 


How much does it cost me?

Our fees for services are listed in our fees page. If you complete an ACC form at your visit, and the ACC claim is accepted by ACC, you may have reduced fees for your visit. If the claim is denied by ACC, you will need to pay for the full cost of your visit. This cost may be carried over to your next visit or you may receive a message from us requesting payment. 


What support can I get?

ACC can help you to connect with a wide range of health services, to support your return to work. This can include equipment and technology to support transport to and from work, occupational workstation assessments, functional assessments, specialised health professionals and rehabilitation support.

Your recovery works best when you, us as your GP, your employer, and ACC all work together in your best interest, to support your safe and effective return to work as part of the rehabilitation process.


Can I see a medical specialist after my accident?

You will need to check with your specialist whether your appointment is covered by ACC when booking your appointment with them. Our GPs will refer you to the most appropriate specialist, but it is important to check yourself that your injury is covered. 

You can self-refer to specialists although some might want a letter from your GP outlining your reason for visiting (please note that extra fees may apply for this service). This also applies if you have health insurance and are seeing a specialist for an ACC related injury since sometimes health insurers will require ACC to pay for ACC related injury treatments.

Referrals to physio and other specialists are often subsidised but again, please check when booking your appointment since these specialists are the best people to advise on what you will be expected to pay.

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